Nathaniel Bassey Holds Live Meeting with 50 Music Ministers

Nathaniel Bassey Holds Live Meeting with 50 Music Ministers

Nathaniel Bassey, a well-known worship leader and prolific songwriter from Nigeria, has some encouraging news: he will be hosting a free workshop for 50 ministers of music.

The creator of the “Hallelujah Challenge” took to social media to make the news, where he explained that he has long harbored a desire to host an intimate gathering of music ministers at which he could impart the wisdom and insight God had given him over the course of his life. He also voiced his worries about how easily some music pastors become sidetracked once they find popularity.

For some time now, I’ve felt compelled to bring together a group of dedicated music pastors. newer and older, yet they all talk about serious matters. The rate at which I watch music ministers becoming distracted after some kind of “success” is disturbing, Nathaniel wrote on Instagram, “Things God has helped me know and Experience over the years. Sometimes it’s just because they’re clueless. Truthfully, I am one whom God has helped and continues to help. And I want to let other people in on that as well.

It’s one thing to get off to a good start. But “it’s another thing to continue and finish well,” the “Imela” singer remarked near the end of the post.

Nathaniel Bassey claims that the workshop is an invitation-only event for a maximum of 40 music ministers, 10 of whom are already being mentored and overseen by him personally.

More information on the meeting’s focus on the spiritual, the musical, the financial, the social (family and other relationships), the behavioral/character, the vision, planning, and strategy would be forthcoming, he said.

Nathaniel Bassey Holds Live Meeting with 50 Music Ministers


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